Yellowstone Park

Western Wyoming is the recreational capitol of the world thanks to its endless geological attractions, lush forests, rushing rivers, and mountain lakes.
The wild frontier at the fringes of Jackson Hole and Star Valley Ranch border the world’s most incredible soaring peaks and contain thousands of natural wonders, endless open acres, and incredible historic attractions.

The naturalistic wonderland of Southwest Wyoming has drawn visitors seeking to enjoy its endless opportunities for thousands of years, and was selected as the site for the world’s first national park. The scenic mountain valleys of the region befall breathtaking backdrops of legendary peaks, making this the world’s finest place for hiking, camping, fishing, climbing, biking, hang-gliding, bird-watching, hunting, kayaking, canoeing, horse-back riding, and much more!
There are three principal national parks surrounding wondrous valleys, all fed by a handful of powerful rushing rivers tucked within this corner of America’s most beloved naturalistic frontier alongside award-winning golf courses, dude ranches, rodeos, ski slopes, swimming spots, and restaurants!

National Forests

Grand Teton National Forest
The Grand Teton National Park was established within the scenic mountain valley of Jackson Hole in 1929 at the behest of famous philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. The three-hundred thousand acre park extends from pastoral ranchlands of the Buffalo Valley in the east toward the sloping Teton Range in the west, as well as from the sagebrush of the Gros Ventre River in the south all the way to the awe-inspiring Yellowstone Park fifty-six miles north of Jackson.

The park contains the peaks of the forty-mile Teton Mountain Range as well as numerous lakes, rivers, streams, and rolling meadows. Human history in the park dates pack more than eleven-thousand years, and presently the beloved wild space is overseen by the National Park Service. In addition to its endless naturalistic beauty, the park also includes concession stands, lodging, mountain guides, boat shuttles, restaurants, dude ranches, and the only airstrip located inside a national park. In the northern section of the park, the illustrious fifteen-mile long Lake Jackson rests at the feet of the looming Teton Mountains offering spectacular views of the thirteen-thousand foot Mount Moran. Although this granite mountain range is the youngest section of the Rocky Mountains, the park itself contains some of the most ancient stone formations in the United States, some dated as far back as twelve million years!

Other lakes in the area include Jenny Lake, Leigh Lake, Bradley Lake, and Phelps Lake, all offering incredible hiking opportunities as well as kayaking, canoeing, and boating. A network of hiking trails ascend the alpine terrain while winding through canyons that separate each of the range’s incredible peaks. Cascade Canyon, Paintbrush Canyon, and Death Canyon offer some of the most incredible views in all of Wyoming! The Snake River winds throughout the parks length and offers incredible opportunities for rafting, kayaking, and camping as well as some of the finest fly-fishing in the world. Roads in the Grand Teton National Park offer scenic views from atop the range and ideal locations for photographs from beneath impressive mountain vistas.

The diverse wildlife native to the park include coyotes, moose, badgers, bison, bears (including Grizzly), bald eagles, wolves, elk, deer, snakes, and much more! In addition to its extensive animal population the park also serves as home to over one-thousand plant botanical species! Whether you’d like to camp along the Jackson Lake, climb the looming Tetons, or tackle the rushing Snake River; the Grand Teton National Forest is one of the most exciting places on planet earth!
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Pan from the Summit of the Incredible Grand Teton!

Wildlife Expeditions of Teton Science Schools
Teton Science schools offer the rewarding opportunity to travel alongside reputable biologists on guided tours through the diverse environments of the Teton Forests and preserves. Come face-to-face with Elk, deer, bears, bison, and much more as you explore the plains, prairies, pastures, and peaks of the incredible Grand Teton National park alongside professional guides and other enthusiastic nature lovers! Tours are offered at multiple times with varying points of emphasis and offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!
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Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor’s Center
This innovative twenty-two thousand square foot facility emphasizes the connection of humanity with nature through a twenty-two million dollar architectural motif supporting the enjoyment and preservation of natural attractions. The center features a two-hundred seat auditorium as well as art, music, on-going educational exhibits, and events throughout the year. The center was originally completed in 2007 following a massive cooperative effort between public agencies and private donors, and today serves as a model organization for public parks and national forests across the country.
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Yellowstone National Forest
The legendary Yellowstone National Forest was established in 1872, making it the oldest national park in the world. This incredible collection of geological hotspots, mountain ranges, and wildlife filled forests rests at the headwaters of the Yellowstone River just fifty-six miles north of Jackson and borders the towns of Gardiner and West Yellowstone. The park consists of over two-million acres of unfettered wild-land filled with thousands of thermal features, hundreds of animal species, and thousands of varieties of botanical specimens.

Native Americans resided in Yellowstone for some eleven-thousand years before it was stumbled upon by the Lewis and Clark expedition in the nineteenth century. The park itself is actually the world’s largest super-caldera, an immense super-volcano home to half the geothermal features in the world including boiling springs, geysers, and gorgeous lava flows!

Presently, there are nine visitor’s centers, twelve campsites, and a sprawling network of roads and trails throughout the sixty-five mile long park. Nearly all sides of the park are entrenched by the incredible Rocky Mountains, as Yellowstone itself rests on a plateau roughly eight-thousand feet above sea level home to one of the world’s most expansive petrified forests. It is also the site of nearly three-hundred waterfalls, three deep canyons, the Lewis and Yellowstone Rivers, and much more!
Yellowstone is most widely known for its geothermal wonders and expansive wildlife populations, which include 1,700 plant species and animals ranging from gray wolves, elk, bison, and grizzly bears, to moose, antelope, and wild cats. Amongst the popular valleys and campsites are Hayden Valley, named for the world’s first park ranger, as well as Lamar Valley and the Mammoth Hot
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Yellowstone is home to half the thermal hotspots in the world and is the world’s largest volcano, with a caldera so large scientists at first had difficulty finding it. After exhaustively reviewing aerial photography of the unpredictable and gorgeous parkland, they were able to discern that the entire park was itself a surface point above a massive lava chamber.

As a result of the seismic activity taking place just beneath the surface at Yellowstone National Park, visitors may enjoy deep hued hot springs, exciting geysers, and wondrous lava flows while safely standing atop a meticulously constructed network of trails and walkways.

Steady Geyser, Prismatic Spring, Mammoth Hot Spring, Blue Geyser

Rocky Mountain Tours
Enjoy a guided tour while in the company of seasoned professionals on one of many flexible tours offering chaperoned journeys through the legendary Rocky Mountains. Climb to heights of up to twelve-thousand feet in order to survey the wondrous beauty of Western Wyoming! Rocky Mountain tours also offer lodging, skiing, rentals, and activities!

Shoshone National Forest
Yellowstone National Park is the crowned jewel of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, supporting roughly twenty-million acres of managed preserves including the Shoshone National Forest, which itself consists of nearly three million acres. The Bridger-Teton lies to the west of the park, Yellowstone to the east, and the Oregon Trail to the south. The Shoshone National Forest was established in 1891 and currently consists of four major wildlife areas, each known of its own unique and diverse wildlife scenes and populations.

Mill Iron Ranch
The Mill Iron Ranch is a family run operation offering guided tours and horseback rides harkening back to the glorious cowboy traditions of old, as they have since 1921. Mill Iron Ranch also specializes in guided hunting parties. Join the Wheddon family on an authentic voyage through the untamed frontier of Wyoming’s expansive wilderness! Phone: (307) 733-6390

Jackson Hole Aerial Tram Rides
Climb aboard the steepest ride in the world as this open air tram soars four-thousand plus feet to the top of incredible Rendezvous Point! Known affectionately as Big Red, this two-thousand horsepower cable-car offers unrivaled panoramic views of Jackson Hole, the Snake River, and the unbelievable Grand Teton Mountain Ranges as well as access to paragliding, hiking, and skiing destination of untold wonder!
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Granite Hot Springs
Jackson is home to thousands of phenomenal geological events and literal hotspots, some of which are entertaining, and others of which are restorative! This collection of pools, waterfalls, and natural hot baths draw visitors on both snowmobiles and skis wishing to soak in the one-hundred-five degree heat of these incredible natural pools.
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Teton County Recreation Center
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Lewis and Clark Expeditions
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Teton County Parks and Recreation
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World Coast Anglers
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Ecotours Adventures
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Mad River Boat Trips
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Jackson Hole Rafting and Whitewater
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Wagon Wheel Village
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Snake River Whitewater
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Dave Hansen Whitewater and Float Trips
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Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park
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Bud Lilly’s Trout Shop
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Parade Rest Guest Ranch
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